Thanks “Cubbies”

Clark-Cubs copyrighted mascot2014


This is the first year I watched the baseball playoffs and the world series. My interest in this tournament is genetic. I was born and lived in Chicago for more than 30 years. I’ve heard the story of the “billy goat” from the neighbors talking over the fence to my mother as she hung her laundry on the line. Yes, once a Chicagoan, always a Chicago sports fan.


The final game of the 2016 World Series garnered more than 40 million viewers. Those viewers needed the diversion. This presidential election presented the worst of us. Watching the fans at the final game proved to me American fans live another day after their team loses.

Both baseball teams played hard. My husband said, “These two teams are evenly matched. God made it rain because He couldn’t decide which team should win”

When Chicago won, the fans in Chicago made noise as my son reported to me from his townhouse in the downtown area. There were no reports of property damage or looting. What about the five million fans  lined the parade route to greet their “Cubbies?” The live footage and photos showed a diverse Cub fan base celebrating.

Five million people, together in a seven mile area, no fights, just joy, this is America at it’s best. This is who we are as a people. Thank you baseball, thank you Cubbies, thanks Chicago for modeling to our children how real Americans behave.