Get Above the Noise

Just finished watching 60 Minutes (05/06/2018). The first segment addressed the the pharmaceutical companies ‘financial rape’ of both individuals and their employers. Rockford, Illinois’ mayor has taken a drug company to task for deceptive and devious practices. The company responsible for negotiating the best prices for the Rockford also is in litigation for not fulfilling the terms of their contract with the city.

The second story described the plight of the Syrian orphans. It is estimate there are more than 100,000 children alone and wandering throughout Syria. Efforts to help the children is often too little too  late. Private individuals who stepped to help were hampered and often shut down.

Thomas Mangelsen renowned photographer with Anderson Cooper in Jackson Hole wandered into off beaten paths of Teton National Park. They captured pictures of wild animals not frequently seen by tourist. The two men waited for the animals, sometimes several hours, to see the uninhabited animal. They used their pre-digital age cameras. Mangelsen has tracked a grizzly female (#399) and her multiple cubs for years. Now hunters want the ban on killing grizzlies to be lifted. They  want to vie for the title of “the man who shot ‘grizzly female #399.’

These are  real  issues that impact us as U.S. and World citizens. Readers, we need to get past the noise of this presidency and start to care about the mounting drug prices, the orphans, and the wild lands set aside for us.

“Make America Great Again” by preserving the values of honesty, fairness, concern for other human beings, and for the great beauty of this country.


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