Novel Publication-Phase 4

I’m happy to announce my paperback and ebook ChangingHabits have improved  on Amazon.

After receiving my ARCs, (Advanced Reader Copies) an advance release of a book, sent to reviewers before publishing. ARCs are as review copies, or uncorrected proofs.  We (my husband* and I) created a revision map consisting of the following minimal items: chapter, location(s) character(s) action(s) outcome.

We read each page, chapter by chapter using my computer’s voice/listening option. Four days, thirty-five hours, made us feel, we might be one of the lucky ones who have a clean copy. Now I invite you, my readers to read my paperback or ebook** .


*My husband is not a writer. His doctorate is in Political Science. He is a man who loves detail. He found this line by line  and storyline edit fascinating. Besides he volunteered to this written-word march.

**Publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a circuitous process.  First of all, they take the neophyte through several hoops. MACs and PCs have different limitations. Read through the instructions carefully, line by line.


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