Novel Publication – Phase Two – Self Publishing

The development of this blog, Novel Publication-Phase Two-Self Publishing,  took some soul-searching and a great deal of restraint. My “better angels” helped me stand back and observe the process and create this post-mortem.

The novel’s publication resulted in a case of “must do.”  A 2017 goal drove me to a deadline and in retrospect produced learnings for my next self-publishing project.

Multiple experiences with various formatting programs inspired confidence as I ventured into this new self-publishing program. I submerged myself into the new process knowing that the product assured support to its clients.

Ah assistance, now, a two and a half hour phone conversation with a consultant proved fruitless. The next day, I received an email with a list of participating partners who could complete paperback part of the publishing task. This “help” ignited my determination to solve my issue. I spent two days researching the formatting problem on both the publishing and the word processing sites.

An accidental correction on my word processing program uncovered the way to correct the publishing problem. Was it an answer to my prayers? Karma? All the good vibrations joining at one time? I didn’t care, all I knew is that after three days, the formatting problems was solved.

Lessons to Learned:

  • Read and re-read all the publishing program’s “how to.”
  • Make sure you know the publishing programs requirements.
  • Make sure your word processing program converts to the self-publishing program.
  • Prepare for set backs and  “re-dos” are part of the process.
  • Remember you are the publisher, you determine the deadline.

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