Novel Publication-Phase 4

I’m happy to announce my paperback and ebook ChangingHabits have improved  on Amazon.

After receiving my ARCs, (Advanced Reader Copies) an advance release of a book, sent to reviewers before publishing. ARCs are as review copies, or uncorrected proofs.  We (my husband* and I) created a revision map consisting of the following minimal items: chapter, location(s) character(s) action(s) outcome.

We read each page, chapter by chapter using my computer’s voice/listening option. Four days, thirty-five hours, made us feel, we might be one of the lucky ones who have a clean copy. Now I invite you, my readers to read my paperback or ebook** .


*My husband is not a writer. His doctorate is in Political Science. He is a man who loves detail. He found this line by line  and storyline edit fascinating. Besides he volunteered to this written-word march.

**Publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a circuitous process.  First of all, they take the neophyte through several hoops. MACs and PCs have different limitations. Read through the instructions carefully, line by line.


Novel Publication – Phase Two – Self Publishing

The development of this blog, Novel Publication-Phase Two-Self Publishing,  took some soul-searching and a great deal of restraint. My “better angels” helped me stand back and observe the process and create this post-mortem.

The novel’s publication resulted in a case of “must do.”  A 2017 goal drove me to a deadline and in retrospect produced learnings for my next self-publishing project.

Multiple experiences with various formatting programs inspired confidence as I ventured into this new self-publishing program. I submerged myself into the new process knowing that the product assured support to its clients.

Ah assistance, now, a two and a half hour phone conversation with a consultant proved fruitless. The next day, I received an email with a list of participating partners who could complete paperback part of the publishing task. This “help” ignited my determination to solve my issue. I spent two days researching the formatting problem on both the publishing and the word processing sites.

An accidental correction on my word processing program uncovered the way to correct the publishing problem. Was it an answer to my prayers? Karma? All the good vibrations joining at one time? I didn’t care, all I knew is that after three days, the formatting problems was solved.

Lessons to Learned:

  • Read and re-read all the publishing program’s “how to.”
  • Make sure you know the publishing programs requirements.
  • Make sure your word processing program converts to the self-publishing program.
  • Prepare for set backs and  “re-dos” are part of the process.
  • Remember you are the publisher, you determine the deadline.

I’ve Survived Filing Taxes

Like many of my fellow Americans, I hate doing taxes. Now, my life is better than most. I have a roof over my head and food on my table. I am a retiree. I saved diligently in a 401k for these “golden years,” but a severe medical event took me out of the work place and my savings ended up supporting my family as I qualified for disability. My husband is a teacher and we had three kids to put through college.

We are still paying a mortgage because we used the equity in our home through some of the rough spots


The reality of my out of pocket medical expenses, the taxes taken out of my social security check.

More than Ugly

Chase Raymond ‘s The Ugly Inside introduces Jenica Aimes. While the reader decides if they can relate to Ms. Aimes, they’re blown into an alternate reality known as ‘Leigh.’ The crafted details, descriptions, and settings of this fantasy engulfs the reader. This storyteller leaves you wanting to read the next page. Mr. Raymond’s writing skill immerses the reader into the story: watching the training sessions, experiencing the healing pools, feeling every blow of combat, and struggling to balance destiny.

If you liked Suzanne Collins and James Dashner’s books, you’ll find Raymond’s Jenica bewitching. She mesmerizes the reader. 

CAUTION: This book is addicting. Wow! This is one ‘hell of a read.’
I can’t wait until the next Jenica Aimes book is published.

This book is available in paperback or online or audio on